Advantages of Ariat

Ariat is more than just boots and apparel.  Buying Ariat means buying performance products driven by top-notch innovation and technology.  You are sure to have the highest quality gear, no matter what you use it for.  The company is founded on the principal of high-performance equestrian apparel, but their focus on performance has not allowed their sense of fashion to suffer.  To learn more about what you’re buying with Ariat, let’s look briefly into what goes into the Ariat products, and the history that has brought it to where it is today.

Co-founders Beth Cross and Pam Parker created a large task for themselves: to revolutionize footwear for riders.  At the time, traditional riding boots were stiff, and made your feet heavy and tired.  Cross and Parker teamed up with the worlds best footwear designers and engineers to innovate a new generation of riding boots for Western and English riders around the world.

The result was state-of-the-art cushioning technology that allowed for greater shock absorption while riding or walking.  Ariat’s trademark Cobalt technology integrates a variety of components to create an outstanding quality of comfort, breathability, and cushioning around the necessary stability and ergonomics that the most serious riders need to perform.

The brand has, since it’s inception, prided itself on partnering with events that give back to the riding community.  Ariat has sponsored everyone from the National High School Rodeo Association in the company’s early years, to Team USA at 2012 London Olympic games.  So buying Ariat is buying into the riding community and culture, on big and small levels. It is amazing the people that made Ariat used to work for a famous tennis shoe maker and it is the most comfortable boot you could ever try on.