The Best Outfit to Wear to a Concert

The Best Outfit to Wear to a Concert

When you go to a concert, you not only want to make a statement with your clothes, but you want to be comfortable as well. We are here to help you achieve both of these goals for any concert you may attend. While there are some basics that you should keep in mind for all concerts, every venue is different and calls for a different outfit. Lets break down what you should wear for each type of concert setting!

Indoor Stadium Concert

For a concert like this, you want to elevate your style a little above what you wear on a day-to-day basis. No need to get fancy, but guys can throw on a nice button-down and pair of jeans and ladies can wear jeans too and pair them with a cute, casual top. Don’t worry about dressing warmly or bringing extra layers, the temperature should be comfortable inside. Also make sure you check the venue webpage about rules regarding bags. Don’t bring a bag if its not allowed!

Outdoor Stadium Concert

Our advice is much the same for an outdoor stadium concert as it is for an indoor one, with one caveat: dress appropriately for the weather! If it’s going to be a warm, sunny day, substitute those jeans for a pair of shorts and remember your sunglasses. If it’s going to be cold, dress in layers. If it’s raining, don’t forget to bring a waterproof jacket! The last thing you want is for the rain to ruin the show for you. As long as you are mindful of the weather, you should be good to go!

General Admission Standing Concert

Since there are no seats at these venues and people just mob together in front of the stage, preparing for a concert like this can be a bit more difficult. Don’t bring things that you don’t absolutely need. There will be a lot of pushing, shoving, and dancing and the last thing you want to be doing is carrying around that sweatshirt that you aren’t wearing. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, as you will be standing the whole time. Also, make sure to wear something that will make it easy for your friends to pick you out of the crowd since it is so easy to get separated.

Outdoor Lawn Seating Concert

As with any outdoor concert, being aware of the weather is key. Be sure to not only dress for the weather at the beginning but also at the end of the show as the temperature can really drop on summer nights. A blanket might be a nice addition; it can keep you warm, give you something to sit on, or just mark your territory in the crowd. Try to pack an extra layer just in case. Shorts, shades, sandals and a tank top or t-shirt are perfect for a concert in nice weather.

Enjoy the show!