Adding Boots To Your Wedding

A bride, saying “Yes!” to the dress can be a stressful decision! Of course, that’s the first of many stressful decisions, as anyone who has been through the process very much knows! So when it comes to making one decision easy on yourself, let it be your footwear! I can’t tell you how many brides I’ve talked to that said they paid X amount of dollars on shoes only to have their feet killing them and wanting to take them off by the end of the night.

What a pain!

Brides, don’t put yourself through this!

The great thing about weddings in today’s day and age is that there are NO RULES! Sure, in the past brides may have typically been encouraged to wear a more formal shoe, but now no one is forcing you to do anything. So stay true to you and wear… a cowboy (errr.. girl?) boot with your dress!

YES! We said it!

Come on, you’ve seen it on Pinterest and you love the look!

Cowboy boots for brides and bridesmaids alike are all the rage. And the best part is, you can ACTUALLY wear these shoes again! Not many brides have the opportunity for themselves or their bridesmaids to actually wear a functional shoe that everyone loves.

Even more, cowboy boots are actually a more practical shoe, not just for comfort, but for practicality as well. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, or if there is a chance of rain on your wedding day, wearing a thin stiletto or satin material will not hold up well. Heels sink in the grass and satin doesn’t hold up well when wet (stains, stretching, etc.). Wearing cowboy boots is a great option for both comfort and practicality… oh and did we mention style!?

So to all of our brides, come on in with your mom and/or future MIL or bring your bridal party in and shop local for your wedding!  We would love to be a part of your big day and we have tons of styles of cowboy boots to choose from!